#PhilsBack (Except it's us, not Phil)

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  • Song Name: #PhilsBack (Except it's us, not Phil) - Beale With It
  • Artist: Amelia & Abner
  • Album: Beale With It - An Eastenders Podcast
  • Year: 2018

On this, our 31st episode of Beale With It we have another special guest as long time fan Carl joins the show this week (yes its . week late, and the audio is a bit dodge but from 32 onwards it will be... 'better').

We talk about Mick in prison, Sonia and Bex in a meaningless storyline and Robbie bringing a new skill to the show.

All your favourite features return, it's shocking, we know. Who 20 Me 20, Top of the Pops, Albert Square off AND EastEnders Sentence Enders are all here. Enjoy it, who knows when you'll get your next dose.