CSI: Walford

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  • Song Name: CSI: Walford - Beale With It
  • Artist: Amelia & Abner
  • Album: Beale With It - An Eastenders Podcast
  • Year: 2018

This week on 'Beale With It', Stu is back in town and he has gone full Golum. jack is morphing into Billy as he begs Mel to marry him and Keanu hides in the shrubs as he longs to continue his seedy affair with Shazza Mitchell.

Top of the Pops is on hiatus this week BUT WILL RETURN, however, the rest of our regular features are here, from EastEnders Sentence Enders to Who 20, Me 20! This week's famous Albert Square-Off is our third of round 2; who enters the square... find out only with BWI.