Sharon! He's My Son!

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  • Song Name: Sharon! He's My Son - Beale With It
  • Artist: Amelia & Abner
  • Album: Beale With It - An Eastenders Podcast
  • Year: 2018

This week on 'Beale With It', the bird gang promise to make Denny viral. Phil claims ownership over his step-son by default, it's all about sex in the Branning Households, Bernie is annoying once again and we take an indepth look at what Jack should be doing with his life.

Our search for the best dad on the square in Top of the Pops continues as we put jack Branning on the podium, and all our regular features are here too, from EastEnders Sentence Enders to Who 20, Me 20! This week's famous Albert Square-Off sees Shirley Carter take on the listener's champion - Kat Slater in a battle some are describing as 'the final match in the round of 32'.