Shakil: A Wasted Opportunity

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  • Song Name: Shakil: A Wasted Opportunity - Beale With It
  • Artist: Amelia & Abner
  • Album: Beale With It - An Eastenders Podcast
  • Year: 2018

In this extended edition of 'Beale With It' we take a closer look into the 'special' episode focusing on knife crime and hone in on why it was not a positive representation of the subject. After that rant (or if you fancy skipping the heavy stuff) we talk about new additions to then square, Buttered Toast and Jean's naked purse doll, why Raini is a fantastic character to have and Danny Dyer bringing memes to British Soap.

All our features are here, from EastEnders Sentence Enders to Who 20, Me 20! This week's famous Albert Square-Off sees Jay take on Kush in a battle some are describing as a pointless venture in this podcast's runtime.