Episode 9.1 (Best of JedCast)

  • Play:
  • Song Name: Episode 9-5 (Best Of)
  • Artist: Abner Hofstadler, Jed Miller, Tommy Styles, Carl Spurling, Tommy Zalucki & Liam
  • Album: JedCast
  • Year: 2010

A special 'Best Of' Jedcast episode. Including highlights from the past 9 episodes and some bits that weren't in the episodes.
Including: 'Casper the Cat', 'Ringo Starr in Colchester' and loads more classic Jed moments.

Next: Build up episode 9.5 to the big 10th episode and the return of Jed! Kirk will return to replace Liam for 10th anniversary.

Presented by: Abner Hofstdaler, Jed Miller, Liam Piper, Carl Spurling, Tommy Zalucki & Kirk Saywell.