Episode 9

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  • Song Name: Episode 9
  • Artist: Abner Hofstadler, Jed Miller, Tommy Styles, Carl Spurling, Kirk Saywell & Liam P
  • Album: JedCast
  • Year: 2010

This week saw Jed getting a 'ban' handed to him for shining a laser into various rooms in the building and disturbing people. Therefore Jed features very little and won't return until 5th March 10th Anniversary Special!
This week: We call Jed! We talk to Liam! Liam tells me about his Gameshow Hopes! We secretly record Liam! And Kirk Saywell steps in to fill Jed's position!

This week will be the final episode Liam Piper will feature in. This comes after he announced he will be taking a break from the podcast, then saying that he will not be doing anymore after episode 9. The OFFICIAL JEDCAST WEBSITE is now online jedcast.webs.com, use it to get all the latest JedCast info! And earlier today Kirk has been confirmed as to be filling the vacant slot in JedCast left by Liam. WELCOME KIRK!

It is yet to be confirmed if Liam will continue with his rambles.

Presented by: Abner Hofstadler, Tommy Styles, Jed Miller, Carl Spurling, Kirk Saywell & Liam Piper.

NEXT: Best of: JedCast (19th Feb), JedCast 9.9 (26th Feb), JedCast 10th Anniversary! (5th March)