What's the time in Albert Square?

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  • Song Name: What's the time in Albert Square? - Beale With It
  • Artist: Amelia & Abner
  • Album: Beale With It - An Eastenders Podcast
  • Year: 2018

Episode 37 and Beale With It (weekly) returns to your earholes. Seriously though, what is the time in Walford? What time does E20 open? What's going on? We look over the taxi gang, the great rape debate and also EastEnders' new official podcast.

Is there a rat controlling Phil Mitchell? We also discuss this very likely possibility - we'll let you decide.

Get involved with our postbag and this time we also want you to tell us who will win in Albert Square-Off, Jay Brown or Max Branning? Vote not on our Twitter poll, somewhere.

Most your favourite features return. Who 20 Me 20, Albert Square off and EastEnders Sentence Enders are all here for your audible pleasure as well as some 'festive fun' in Melly Kushmas.

Watch Abner's latest YouTube Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtZhD5anIbc&t=340s